Power Ministry

The Word of God teaches us in 1 Corinthians Chapter 12, that the Holy Spirit gives believers gifts that they are then called to use to spread the Gospel of Jesus and to glorify God.

These nine gifts include:

•Wisdom: the ability to understand the Bible and God’s will and to apply that understanding in life.

•Knowledge: the ability to understand and communicate God’s truths because of revelations from God.

•Faith: a steadfastness in prayer and trust, especially in the midst of trials.

•Healing: the ability to heal others by the power of God.

•Miracles: the ability to perform miracles by the power of God.

•Prophecy: the ability to publicly proclaim the truth of the Scriptures.

•Discernment: the ability to recognize lying spirits and false doctrines.

•Speaking in tongues: the ability to speak in another language(s) that the speaker has not learned and cannot understand.

•Interpretation of tongues: the ability to understand and translate what is spoken in tongues.

Rev. Dr. A Jawahar Samuel has designed power ministry camps to help followers of Jesus to learn how to best utilize these nine spiritual gifts for the glory of God. A disciple who attends a power ministry camp experiences five days of intense training and comes away better prepared to serve others and to evangelize the nations.

Power ministry training camps are held annually in: India (Coimbatore, Chennai, and Bangalore), Singapore, Canada, USA, South Africa, and even in some countries where the government forbids them.

To learn more about power ministry training camps, or to register for one near you, write to us at [email protected]